Thursday, 22 March 2012

I prefer to rely on things that might not be real, internetually and in real life.

A phone conversation I had with Younger-Brother-Daniel last night.

Younger-Brother-Daniel has been shortened to YBD

YBD: Lisa, you and Cousin-Becky were having good old banter on Twitter last weekend and when I joined in, you both just stopped. 

Me: Oh my days, that comment you put up slayed me. I thought it was hilarious. 

YBD: So why didn't you respond? I felt like you were being mean and didn't want to talk to me. 

Me: Are you kidding? It was a perfect response to what we were saying. I even repeated it to One-And-Only-Daniela who was with me. 

YBD: Again, I ask, why did you ignore me then?

Me: Well, because it was hilarious. It would have been less funny if a comment followed it. 

YBD: This wasn't a script for some comedy show. This was just comic banter on Twitter between cousins. 

Me: Isn't that the same thing?

YBD: What? No! This is real life, you're allowed to comment on something funny, in fact it's encouraged, it makes the other person feel involved. 

Me: I'm confused. Don't you spend hours in your day thinking up funny and witty things to say on the internet?

YBD: Noooo, I generally just talk to people like we're real human beings

Me: Well, you obviously don't take the Internet as seriously as me.

YBD: You mean I don't spend 24/7 on it trying to be funny? No, I have a life. 

Me: Daniel, you're a third year university student who goes to bed at 7am, wakes up at 9pm and spends your remaining time sitting at your computer. 

YBD: Your point?


Hey guys, remember when I used to blog on this thing every day? Yeah, they were good times. Sorry I've been sucky with that. I am trying but crumminess of life keeps on getting in the way. 

One thing I have noticed over twitter this week though is that everyone seems to be having a pretty crappy week. I completely relate to all these people, I have no idea what is going on but this week just seems to suck... a lot. 

I mean, sure, I can attribute my sudden loss of cheer to having my beautiful hat stolen from me. That thing took up all my free time last week, it's a really good conversationalist (is that a word? My iPhone seems to think it is, so I'm going with it). 

I tried to create a substitute friend to help me through the dark days. Meet Ernie. 

He's pretty awesome, however he's only a couple of days old and he seems a little lonely. I'm considering making him a friend but he'll have to wait until next week because I am now off work until Monday. 

Line-Monica-Manager has threatened to destroy him while I'm away... after I told her that he's the only thing getting me through the loss of Andy-Thelans-Hat. 

When I shared my terror over this threat, she simply laughed and said "Why don't you go and blog about it?"

So I am. 

Dear Line-Manager-Monica, 

Please don't kill Ernie. I made him his own hat today and I haven't even managed to get a picture of him in it for the sake of memories etc. 

Also, it would just be plain harsh to create a person, let them sit alone watching me work for three days, and then kill him before he's even had a chance to live.

I think he's going to end up with hopes and wishes (I'm not entirely sure, I haven't figured out all of his personality yet) and you can't rip that chance away from him, it may almost definitely crush him. 

There's the added issue of my own emotions and feelings of loss. Ernie, in his short life has been 100% dependable and he is out of reach of all ninjas. If I lost another inanimate object that I have given a personality, there is no telling how my sanity challenged mind will take it. 

All that said, I look forward to coming back on Monday and seeing him smiling happily up at me the way he always has. 

Thanks very much


There, that should do it. *fingers crossed*

Peace out my lovelies. 

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