Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So... I'm not dead, just to let you know. I know you've probably been worrying yourselves silly about it all weekend. 

You'll all be pleased to know that after my last post I am safe and So-Awesome-I-Can't-Stand-It-Andy came to pick me up. I was in bed by 3am! Huzzah! However I did spend the whole of Sunday in his debt. He had formulated a list and included in it was the following:

1. I woke him up in the form of a rooster on Sunday morning. I didn't turn up at his house but I did ring him up and gave my best impression which seemed to do the trick. It also left Housemate-Anna a little confused as to the noise coming from my room that early. Fair play to her though. She must have become so used to me as she didn't question the noise, she just accepted that there must be some legitimate reason for why I was cawing like a rooster and shouting "time to get up, caw caw, time to get up."

2. I bought him the biggest steak on the menu when we went out for lunch. 

3. I ate a whole sachet of mayonnaise on its own.

I got off lightly I feel. It could have been worse. 

My father did text me the next morning after reading my blog with the following:

"Just read your blog. I trust you got home OK?  Mum is away so will be unaware of your adventure. I'd rather tell her once I know your safe. Love Dad"

I considered answering with some form of remark such as "Andy couldn't make it, I am home now but the walk took me 12 hours. Fair play to Google Maps App, it'll lead you home from anywhere."

However, I remembered how worried my parents tend to be about me at the best of times and so figured it was probably a good idea to make him feel better instead. 

Marmie rang later in the evening demanding to know why I insisted on leaving the house after sunset. I did try and argue my case but I have to hand it to her, Night time doesn't tend to agree with me given this past month...

Having said that it was an awesome night. Even though I went to the gig of a band I had never heard of and my ears had permanent white noise playing for the entire next day. Still, I'm being a hip youngster in her 20s... I'm down with that Yo. (You guys don't know it but I just made that uber cool gesture that kind of looks like you're crossing your arms but in a total hip and groovy way, yeah I still got it.)

I've also dabbled in theft this weekend but that's a whole post for another time. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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