Thursday, 26 June 2014

My eyes are broken... so are my glasses. I'm in quite a pickle.

So, I left the building where I work yesterday and realised that I still had my glasses on. I don't wear glasses all the time. My eyesight is generally okay for everyday things, but I become blind as a bat when I'm in front of a computer more than 30cm away from me. As such, glasses are integral for work but I keep them there as it's the only place I really need them.

So, when I left work yesterday still wearing them, I stopped and considered going back inside. The glasses case was on my desk, and the office was a simple 30 second walk from where I was currently at. However, that walk involved stairs and suddenly I couldn't be arsed... ironic as I was on my way to the gym, but hey, I tend to try and live outside the realms of normalcy and logic. Anyway, due to my laziness of not wanting to go back on myself, I determined that if my sunglasses can quite happily live in my bag for months and not get damaged, my glasses should also be able to withstand it. I popped them into my bag and headed for gym then home, thinking nothing more of it.

It wasn't until this morning, as I set up my desk for the day, that I remembered my glasses were in my bag. I had vague memories of roughly handling said bag when chucking it in and out of lockers at the gym, and grimaced slightly, sending up a quick prayer that they were okay... they weren't. In fact, instead of being okay, they looked like this.

This resulted in my having to spend a stupid amount of time desperately trying to find the ridiculously tiny screw that was missing from my glasses in my ridiculously messy bag that hadn't been cleaned out for about a year. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful... although I did manage to find almost £5 in coins which was a nice surprise. After I admitted defeat that the screw was well and truly gone forever, I then had the genius idea of stealing the screw from my sunglasses... it took about 50 tries before I realised that perhaps this screw wasn't the right size for my glasses and gave up on that idea as well.

All this has led to rearranging my desk so that I am now sitting with my computer screen a mere 30cm from my face (just measured it) whilst I squint at the text and try and fight off the headache that is now threatening to emerge from making my eyes work harder than they want to. Apparently I look ridiculous and have been told repeatedly to use my lunchbreak to pop into a local opticians, but then I wouldn't be able to write my blog today and, for reasons I'm forgetting the more my eyes scream at me, I've decided that this is way more important.

Okay, I just stopped writing this post as I needed to go and do something and I caught myself picking up a piece of paper and holding it 10cm from my face in order to read it... This probably proves that I should do something about the whole 'not being able to see' thing... ugh, but the walk is so far... it's like a whole 5 minutes... and then they're going to make me pay them money and tell me I should have an eye test, which I will agree to because I have no backbone to speak of when it comes to telling people no, even though I know I'm not due one yet, and then they're going to realise that I need a new subscription because my eyes are getting so bad that I can't read the train times at the station anymore unless I'm standing right in front of the board, and I will have to spend even more money getting new glasses... when then leads to their tempting me with deals such as 'buy one, get one half price' coupled with logic such as 'you really should have two pairs of glasses, then when a screw comes loose the next time, you won't have to sit on top of your computer getting migraines' and I won't be able to argue with that, because it just happened, plus the whole no backbone thing, and then next thing you know, I'm walking out of that place with at least £150 less than I had going in, safe in the knowledge that I am about to experience the exact same amount of headaches as my eyes get used to the new prescription, which will lead to spending even more money on a week's supply of Nurofen to ease the pain...

See, it might seem like my reasons for not going were purely lazy, but I've clearly thought it through.

Peace out my lovelies.

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