Monday, 16 June 2014

Hey guys, remember Housemate-Anna? Well, big news...

This weekend has been a very exciting weekend. I honestly cannot believe that I have taken this long to let you know about this. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, might remember a certain housemate I had in 2011-2012, aptly nicknamed Housemate-Anna. We lived together for a year, we got into all sorts of antics like me getting stuck under my bed and her having to pull me out, we bonded and she made me the most girly I had ever been, I got myself into all sorts of hilarious scrapes and she nursed me back to health, we had a habit of panic cleaning when we realised there were weird smells coming from our kitchen, and many many other tales of fun and weirdness. In short, living with her was an awesome and immense time.

Well, during this period I may have also mentioned a certain boyfriend of hers. It was all fairly new at the point of our moving in together. However, 2-3 years on, they are still going strong and this Saturday they totally got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, it's their first dance and everything!!

When I say that this was an exciting and awesome time, I am not doing it enough justice. Seeing them tie the knot is the most exciting thing to happen this year, only just going to be topped by the day Older-Brother-Glyn gets married next month (sorry Housemate-Anna). I do believe my cheeks ached for the majority of the day.

On top of the awesomeness that was seeing them get married, they had also put together the best guestlist in the world. Basically, I know Housemate-Anna and Karl from a youth group I was heavily involved in through the age of 18-22. In those years, there were a group of around 120 of us who lived and breathed this youth group. I personally spent almost every evening there. I ran and drama and dance group, as well as several other things. We were all incredibly tight and close. To paint a picture of how close this group was, Housemate-Anna and Karl's wedding was the 13th wedding to come out of people who met via this youth group. It was a matchmaking organisation in its own right.

Having said all that, life moved on and we all moved with it. People went off to uni or moved to different places and generally became adults, no longer qualifying for the 'youth' aspect of the group. Due to this, the group that was once incredibly close dissipated and, for the most part, haven't been back together for about 6-7 years. All that changed however on Saturday, as Housemate-Anna and Karl went right ahead and invited so many of us back to celebrate their day with them. Being the awesome couple that they are, all these people accepted and this resulted in a reunion unlike any other I've ever been a part of. I spent the entire wedding ceremony looking across a sea of faces and double taking when I realised I had caught sight of yet another older looking version of a face I had once known so well. As such, the day mostly consisted of a lot of screaming and "Oh my days! Look at you!" or "I barely recognised you!" or "You guys are married now??" or "Freaking hell! You're pregnant! You are growing a real life person inside your belly, that is insane!"

It was so awesome that my brain thought it was going to explode for most of the day. And now Housemate-Anna and Karl are an old married couple, living it up on their honeymoon and I am still trying to get my brain around it.

So that was my weekend. Probably the next time a reunion like that will happen with these people, one of us will be bragging about grandchildren (I get the sneaky feeling, that won't be me...) but it was good while it lasted. For a very long time, we had all considered we were going to be in this group together for the rest of our lives, and although that was a pretty unrealistic expectation to have, it was immense to get to have at least one more day of it. Not to mention, on top of that, we got to do it at a wedding of two of the loveliest people I know. Needless to say, I came away from that wedding with a smile on my face that is only just beginning to fade... my cheeks are killing me.

Peace out my lovelies.

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