Thursday, 19 June 2014

I relapsed, but I'm back on my way to recovery.

I totally didn't post anything yesterday. This was because my normal lunch of 'salad at my desk whilst typing this blog' was interrupted by 'visiting the east end for a meeting and popping in to have lunch with Old-Work-Buddy-James' instead. The whole thing was awesome. Yes, there is a chance that I broke the diet yesterday to accommodate this, but I kinda knew that would happen when we arranged the meet up.

You see, there were a great many things that contributed towards the weight gain I achieved over the past couple years, however, one of the key factors was the sheer amount of times that Old-Work-Buddy-James and I would eat in fast food restaurants for our lunch. I mean, it happened almost every day... or at least close enough. Thus, when we met up yesterday and immediately gravitated towards the nearest Burger King, it felt so natural, we didn't question it.

Having said that, my natural inclination to become addicted to anything and everything in my life appeared to also apply to the act of eating greasy burgers. Since treating myself to this one off burger meal, I have been finding myself craving pizza, kebabs, Mcdonalds, KFC, and all other kinds of processed fatty foods. Last night, when I prepared my lowly bowl of Tuna (this time only able to use one can instead of two, due to all the calories eaten earlier in the day) I was no longer excited for it's salad cream/mayonnaise goodness. I was hungry and I wanted to munch down on something that had only been cooked whilst swimming in fat. Thankfully, I didn't succumb to this, but guys, this is hard.

With the food aside, it was really good to catch up with Old-Work-Buddy-James, even if I turned up ridiculously late to the time I said I would meet him. This was down to the complexity that is the District Line on our London Underground system. Apparently, there is a point that it reaches, at about halfway down the line, where you have to get off the train you've been travelling on, cross to another platform, and then get on a train going in the same direction. If you don't do this, you will find yourself on a train that is now going back the way it came. This was news to me, and there is one particular train station near where I have to get off, that I ended up visiting at least three times before I managed to work out how to travel in the correct direction. Of course, Old-Work-Buddy-James saw all of this as some elaborate, yet false, excuse for my just being generally lazy at getting to where we were meant to meet... highly frustrating.

But we did manage to meet up and have a fairly decent chat before we went our separate ways, back to our now separate jobs... which felt weird, as we've never eaten and then not ended up back at the same workplace... which really shouldn't feel weird, as we haven't actually worked together for coming up to 8 months now (has it really been 8 months already??).

I am currently dealing with mild withdrawal symptoms from the processed tasty food today. It's nothing serious; just a little bit of shaking, some vomiting and an irritable mood, nothing I can't handle. And despite all these symptoms, I am standing strong, going back to my grey porridge for breakfast and eating my simple tasteless salad whilst typing this... One day, someone is going to figure out how to make a Big Mac that tastes just as it does now but is also the most healthiest thing you can eat, and that person is going to make a fortune. (Mental Note: Patent that idea before anyone else can... Mental note to mental note: This may prove to be a little difficult due to Big Mac being a name brand already, but believe in yourself and you will find a way around it. Mental note to the mental note's mental note: You may not be able to find a way around it.)

Peace out my lovelies

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