Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A motivational post because I'm that kind of motivational gal! ... Okay so really it's just a plug.

For those of you who are not aware… which would surprise me as I have been known to talk about it a fair amount… I’ve written a book.
I started writing it three years ago and finished it just over a year ago. However, recently I have been pretty much sucking in doing much else with it.
When I initially finished it, I was all like Oh my DAYS I actually wrote a book and it is finished! It has a beginning, middle and end and people are in it and storylines happen and places are seen! Yeay me! Where is my medal? I want it NOW!
However, the excitement of this started to ebb away as life took over and then I found you guys and this forum and was all Woohoo, I’m not giving up on my dream of being a writer because I write on this thing loads and people respond and I have almost been doing this a year and haven’t given up on it yet!
But recently I have been worrying that I might be giving up on my dream. I fear that I have subliminally decided that it is just too hard to have a book published and that I might as well give up on that little nugget of a dream and just make do with the life that I have.
Don’t get me wrong, the life I have is pretty amazing. I’m in a job I adore, I have an awesome forum in this site and twitter where I get to let off all my creative steam and I have awesome people around me both internetually and in real life.  I fear however that this is why I have been happy to coast through as is because ‘as is’ is pretty awesome.
But I re-read by book last week. And although there is so much need for editing and improvement, I got that feeling again, that passion that this above all else is what I want to be doing. Each chapter I read, I remembered the place I was when I wrote it. I remembered the day I came up with each character and  the conversations I had aloud with myself to ensure the dialogue worked whilst my parents listened outside and wondered if it was time to commit me to a Mental Health place yet.
I remembered the excitement I felt as I went on the two research trips to complete the book. The constant ‘cloud nine’ feeling I had the moment I could write the words “The End” to sign off my work. I remembered having never wanted anything so much in my life as I had wanted to tell that story.
So three days ago, once I had finished reading the book, I made myself a promise, I wouldn’t give up. I realised that at the end of the day I had two choices ahead of me: I could give up on yet another project I had been working on, or I could at least try to see this one through.
So shortly after re-reading it, I moved to my second book (I don’t do things by halves and decided that naturally my first stab at writing a novel should be a trilogy series). I wrote an entire chapter of it over two days and I found myself catching that similar buzzing feeling I had felt during the writing of the first one.
So I’m writing again and in addition to this, I want to put myself completely out there and scare myself crapless by offering you an extract of my first book. It kind of stands as a sequence on it’s own and doesn’t really require any explanation… I think. I’m a little nervous publically advertising the topic of my book online as it’s a fairly unique idea and I’m scared by telling people, someone will take the idea and write a better version.
I’ve put the extract to the book on my ‘Creative Writing’ site. Link to it is below.  

Serenity - Nightmares come

Peace out my lovelies

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