Friday, 17 February 2012

The ancient storage facility that lives inside my brain

Housemate-Anna and I have been working through Season 3 of Dawson's Creek over the past month... I know, how retro are we?

Anywho, I spent the majority of my teenage years obsessing over this programme and allowing Pacey Whitter (the lovely Joshua Jackson) place my expectations in a prospective mate so high that no poor sod was going to have a chance. 

Re-watching the programme now and realising that I do in fact know the entire script for the last eight episodes off by heart, I came to realise that perhaps I had wasted a little bit too much of my younger years on this programme. 

Now I'm not saying that it hasn't been awesome this time round. Do not get me wrong, Joshua Jackson may indeed be the most beautiful man America has to offer, but to be able to copy dialogue between Joey and Pacey word for word, including sniffs, sighs and throat clears for an entire episode probably suggests an imbalance in my social life at some point back then...

It also led me to ponder where the hell I had those words stored in my brain given that I haven't thought about them in at least 6 years. This question goes the same for the words to 'Never Ever' from All Saints which especially freaked me out because I don't even remember learning that in the first place. I just remember one day playing it and just knowing the words. The only explanation I could come to was that the band members had been sneaking into my bedroom at night and singing it to me while I slept... If that is the case then I feel flattered/creeped out as I was only 10 years old or something when that song came out and I really don't think that it's deemed proper to be creeping into 10 year old girls' bedrooms when you are four fully grown women, no matter how catchy your song may be. 

I think the main conclusions that I came to last night, watching Dawson behave like a prat on TV whilst Pacey and Joey longed for each other from afar, are:

1. I still hate Dawson now as much as I did at the age of 14. It may be his creek but he has no business being there. 

2. My brain has a lot of crap stored in there which is probably why I struggle retaining new and, quite frankly, relevant information  nowadays. 

And 3. Pacey Whitter may very well be the reason why I haven't been able to find any man I've met romantically interesting. For that reason I sincerely pity the boys growing up in this day and age. You've got sparkling skin and a god like immortal body to contend with. All I ever wanted was someone to buy me a wall and take me sailing (all Dawson's Creek references). In short, I think you're ever so slightly screwed. 

Have an awesome weekend!  

Peace out my lovelies. 

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