Monday, 13 February 2012

A project that I kind of accidentally fell into... an introduction to what will come.

So I'm doing my usual journey to work this morning... you know, squashed up against a glass wall in a train full of people with a face full of armpit whilst trying to maintain my "I'm carrying a coffee mug of Biohazard Waste and it could spill on you at any minute" expression. (I've got to say, I fear my fellow commuters are becoming wily to my ways on this one, they barely gave the mug a second look today.) Anywho, whilst doing this I was checking my twitter feed and I noticed that some of my favourite Twitter make believe friends from around the world appeared to be joining some form of a cult or group meeting or something because there was a lot of tweets saying "count me in" and "I want to blog about this" and "This week will be infamous."

Immediately I felt drawn to this and so naturally I chirped up and said, "I'm in!" Everyone was so welcoming to me being part of their little sect and I was feeling so accepted with my imaginary internet friends that it was a while before I realised that I in actual fact had no idea as to what it was that I had just signed up for.

I tried to read back on the twitter feed and grasp an idea of what it is that I was now expected to do, all the time crossing my fingers that I hadn't accidentally fallen onto a group pact suicide because I still have tickets to see the Harry Potter tour and I'd be gutted if I missed out on that.

Anywho, there was nothing in the tweets that seemed to shed any light on what it was that I had joined, but everyone seemed so excited about the whole thing that I couldn't help but get excited with them! Yeay, social inclusion!!

Eventually I threw in the little tid bit that I had no idea what it was I was supposed to be doing, the only thing that I knew about it was that it was important to have done it sometime this week. Luckily one of the key members of the group Heinakroon explained that I needed to check out the comments section of Amy's kickass blog on cats giving us all brain cysts and diseases (FYI, never been more happy that I'm allergic to cats, I'm brain cyst free!)

After giving the comments section a good ol' read I realised just exactly what it was that was expected of me... kind of... I think...

Well, I knew that it involved me writing a post about men/animals who decide that instead of luring the female of their species into bed with weight lifting and muscle flexing and eyebrow wiggling and such, they sneak up behind them and wait until the female doesn't think they can get anyone else and just settles for that member of the male species.

Apparently this particular mating ritual is common amongst most mammals, reptiles and... well anything that has male and females in it's species and some form of brain. It was also decided that this week is devoted completely to spreading scientific knowledge about this method of sexual interaction. No worries though, it is purely scientific and I'm assured the only places where it may become slightly erotic is when explaining this particular theory amongst the mating rituals of the moose species. Heinakroon has promised us something on this and I know I'm not alone in looking forward to his scientific findings of this.

Amy has just started the week off with her own post on this topic and after this, I think I now understand... kind of.

Now I really want to be involved in this, however I have this tendency to write blogs that are of a certain level innocence wise. You know, something that could be posted on the internet for Disney (it's kind of my mantra, when typing I think... would Walt approve?) As such, I have thought how I could possibly contribute to this sacred week when I can't even bring myself to say the name of it in case Disney smacks me round the face for disgracing his hypothetical website.

I suggest, to fully understand the post that I shall be writing at some point this week, you go to Amy's post (linked above) she explains it all in a highly non Disney and 'freedom of speech' type way.

In the meantime, I have found my angle to contribute to this the only way I know how... I shall be providing the Children's book explanation to the theory. I need to research and find my muse etc for this. In the meantime I leave you with this little sneak peak, my title:

"Benjie: The story of a very sneaky little rascal."

Peace out my lovelies.

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