Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Benjie: The story of a very sneaky little rascal.

In the little town of Dingledot, down Blueberry Lane, lived a very sneaky little boy called Benjie. 

Benjie was not a special boy. He wasn't a strong boy and he was very shy. No one really noticed him when he was in the room and sometimes people would forget he was there altogether!

Benjie was very sad about this for a very long time. Sometimes he would try to talk to people to see if they would notice he was there but every time he tried, he was not able to say any words and so people would walk past him without them even realising that he had been standing there!

Benjie tried his very hardest to be like the other boys in his town. There were all sorts of boys who always did amazing things like ride bikes and do cartwheels and people would always stop and clap them when they did. However, Benjie could not afford a bike and when he tried to do a cartwheel he would always fall over and hurt his bottom. 

When he was at school he could never get any questions right and he wasn't able to do any pretty drawings. He would always sit at the back of the classroom and make paper airplanes instead as he hoped that one day people would notice them and be amazed. Unfortunately he didn't really know how to make paper airplanes and no matter how hard he tried he could not get them to fly anywhere. When he threw them, they would simply fall straight down to his feet until soon he was just a little boy hidden in paper so high that only his head showed over the top. 

One day, when the pile of paper was almost up to his nose, the teacher introduced to the whole class a new girl who had come all the way from Sunshine Mountain, the most beautiful place in the whole wide world. Her name was Tiffany. 

Tiffany had long blonde hair that reached her ankles and blue eyes that seemed as big as the universe. Tiffany wasn't like the other girls in Benjie's class, she didn't smell and didn't seem yucky in any way at all. From the moment Benjie saw Tiffany he knew that he wanted more than anything in the whole world to hug her. 

The other boys in Benjie's class seemed to want the same thing as well, as the moment Tiffany sat down they all started making pretty drawings for her of rainbows and unicorns and doing some of the most amazing cartwheels Benjie had ever seen. 

Benjie worried that he would never be able to give Tiffany a hug. He watched her inside his little pile of paper planes and gasped whenever Tiffany giggled or smiled at all the other boys. He tried to make a paper airplane that he could throw at her but when he threw it, it just went up into the air and landed back down on top of the pile that surrounded him. 

Benjie became very sad about this as he had never wanted to hug someone so much. Just as he began to think that he might be able to talk to her if he pulled himself out of the pile of paper, one of the coolest boys in the whole school did four somersaults in a row!

Tiffany was so amazed at this that she held out her arms wide so that she could hug him to say well done. 

However, the boy was still working on his dismount and did not notice Tiffany standing there with her arms wide open. Benjie realised then that he would never get another chance and jumped out of the pile of paper sending the planes flying all over the room and wrapped his arms tight around Tiffany's body. 

Tiffany had her eyes shut with glee and so did not realise that Benjie wasn't the cool boy who had done all those cartwheels. Because of this she hugged Benjie really tight and laughed merrily. 

It was only when she opened her eyes that she realised Benjie was the boy she had been hugging. She pushed him away and punched him really hard around the face. Unfortunately Tiffany had chosen to wear the knuckleduster her daddy had given her for her birthday that day. (It was a really pretty pink and had unicorns on it.) Benjie's whole lip split open and his eye became so swollen he couldn't even see out of it! 

"Oh no!" Benjie said and blood poured all down his brand new t shirt. He knew his mummy wasn't going to be very happy that he had already ruined his top. She would certainly notice him that night!

Tiffany burst into tears and told the teacher that Benjie had violated her personal space and because of this Benjie was told he was never allowed in the school again. 

As the police pushed Benjie into the back of their car and made sure his handcuffs were so tight that his hands turned as blue as the sky he sighed sadly. 

Benjie would never be a sneaky little rascal again. 

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Peace out my lovelies. 

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