Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's the month of fat men, mistletoe whores and the baby Jesus. 

Happy 1st December everyone. Ready to spend loads of money and eat loads of food so that you spend the entire of January broke and fat? So am I! Bring on the festivities!

Yes, we have reached the time of year where we accessorise in a multitude of green and red and become a load of mistletoe whores. Huzzah!

It is also that time of year where we listen to the same old songs that come out every year. Those same songs that get right under your skin if they appear on your iPod shuffle mix any other time of year, but for some inexplicable reason you deliberately play on repeat for an entire month. 

It is also the time of year where the classic movies come out that make you sigh after you've seen and say "Now it's Christmas." They vary depending on the family you grew up in. For me however, it's "The muppet christmas carol" with a little bit of the new "Miracle on 34th street." Yes, that's right, I said the new one (which really isn't that new anymore as it's from the 90's). I know people might think that this choice is controversial over the classic black and white version but I am a child of the 80's/90's and as such I have my loyalties. That and Father Christmas is played by Richard Attenborough and who doesn't love Richard Attenborough? That bit where she pulls on his beard and lets out a squeal of surprise still makes my heart jump and my expression match hers. 

Anna-(Nickname-TBC)-Tidey hasn't seen either of these movies so I shall take great joy in introducing them to her. She doesn't seem as excited about the prospect but she's agreed to live with me and this is a part of me so she has no choice... She also can't take back her decision because we signed a contract for a year and that thing is actually binding so she is stuck with me and is going to love every moment of it by law.

Also, by moving in with me she automatically gains celebritydom in the world of the Internet because every action she will make from now on will be heavily documented in this blog and at least 0.00000001% of the Internet reads it which means she should probably start practicing her autograph now. 

Also who really needs privacy? She doesn't, that's for sure. 

Wait, I digressed... This wasn't what I was talking about at the start... Oh yeah, Christmas... Ummmm... I've run out of things to say about that. 

I'm going to go and search for the Christmas Coca Cola advert and practice my "holidays are coming."

Peace out my lovelies. 

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