Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas presents I wouldn't even have thought of to ask.

My Christmas presents this year were epic. It was once again another reason for why I love my family and reminded me how I have been raised to be the person I am. 

To start with, I refer you to Younger-Brother-Daniel's Christmas present. He bought me something so awesome and quite frankly, unpredictable that I had no choice but to love it with all my heart. You see, Younger-Brother-Daniel bought me... A toilet brush. 

Yes. You read that correctly. And yes. That was the entire present. And yes. I loved it so much I wanted to cry. 

This wasn't just any toilet brush however (as if it could get any better). This was in fact an Edward Monkton toilet brush. As such it was named "The toilet brush of destiny."

I know right? 

Since moving to the new flat with Housemate-Anna we have found ourselves accumulating toilet brushes, so much so now I guess you could say we have now started collecting them (a fact Younger-Brother-Daniel was not aware of when he chose my gift). On point of move, our landlord had left behind a toilet brush, I brought one from my place and Housemate-Anna brought one from hers. As such we already had three toilet brushed lined up in our bathroom. 

However, due to the awesomeness that was this new toilet brush I did have to ring Housemate-Anna and tell her that all the old toilet brushes would have to be moved down the line because we now had a new Head Toilet Brush. She was initially reluctant as her old toilet brush was currently Head Toilet Brush and I'm sure she was worried about hurting it's feelings. However, when she saw the beauty of the toilet brush I presented to her last night, she had to admit it was awesome and as such, it has now taken pride of place on the front of our collection. 

This has brought on a new need within me now. I feel a new hobby arising. I shall now be one of those weird people who collect toilet brushes in my spare time. One more thing to add to "why my life is awesome" list. If you guys ever find an interesting toilet brush then please let me know. 

The other presents that made me love my family even more were two presents from my parents... And when I say my parents I mean Marmie. Father instantly refused to take any responsibility for these gifts. 

As myself, Younger-Brother-Daniel and Older-Brother-Glyn are now all living in our own places and therefore in charge of our own cleaning, my [clean obsessed mother] decided to help us out. As such, all three of us received two presents each wrapped up under the tree. 

First one:

Second one:

Marmie giggled like a school girl as we opened these. No doubt they'll come in useful. To prove to her that I have used them, I think I might have to take a picture every time I use one. 

So just for you Marmie:

Peace out my lovelies. 

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