Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wait... You're telling me it's Christmas this Sunday?

Is it just me or does it really not feel like Christmas is this week? Seriously, I have to get on a train for four hours on Saturday and I have not got my head around it at all

I was super efficient last Saturday and bought every single one of my presents in an hour and a half! Yup, you can say it. I'm freakin awesome. 

I fear that because I did it so quickly however, I've taken some of the magic away from the process and haven't allowed my brain enough time to fully comprehend the reason for me parting with so much money. 

Also, due to a drink mix up when I went out to Winter Wonderland on Sunday with Oldest-Friend-Cafrin and The-Goddaughter, I ended up drinking too much wine for what the day needed, as such that day went by in a bit of a haze... It's not like I was drunk or anything but I certainly wasn't planning to consume that much in one day. If anything it just made me sleepy. 

Anywho, people have been wishing me a merry christmas all week as they go off on their own holidays and every time my gut reaction has been, "why would I have a merry Christmas? It's not Christmas yet!" I soon realise that it pretty much is and then have to mentally chastise myself for being such a Scrooge. 

As such I've made plans tonight to sit cross legged in front of my Christmas tree for about five hours, stare at the ten year old tinsel and broken lights whilst chanting "It's Christmas, it's Christmas, it's Christmas, it's Christmas," over and over again until I have imprinted in my brain that it is meant to be the season of freakin good cheer and happiness and get into the sodding jolly mood associated with this time of year. Because if there's one thing I will never do is become a sodding grinch. I don't care how long and gruelling the process is. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

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  1. Really looking forward to you coming up on Saturday. Hope the five hours in the front of the tree worked!! :-)