Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas time with The-Goddaughter.

Picture the scene: it's a crisp Sunday afternoon in central London. I'm out with Oldest-Friend-Cafrin and her entire family. We're sitting in a nice posh looking Weatherspoons. My beautiful stunning 5 year old Goddaughter sits opposite me looking positively angelic in her pigtails and pink coat. She's playing a game, I'm not too sure of the rules but it involves her telling me all the reasons why she loves me so my heart actually feels like exploding. 

"Lisa, I love you more in the whole wide world."

"Chloe, I love you more in the whole world."

(Yes I know the sentence doesn't make sense but as she's being really complimentary I didn't feel like it was the time to be correcting her grammar.)

"Lisa, I love you more than anything. Mummy I love you. Daddy, I even love you."

I grin my smuggest grin at The-Goddaughter's dad, Steve and mutter under my breath "It's like she loves you out of duty."

Steve shrugs like he's used to it and goes back to his dinner. 

"Lisa, I love you the most, I love you more than-" The-Goddaughter pauses at this point and her hand shoots up to her mouth whilst she looks guiltily to one side. She grinned and then in a small voice said "I just farted."

I laughed so loud that I'm pretty sure the whole restaurant jumped at the sound. This is why I love that girl. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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