Monday, 13 January 2014

**SPOILER POST** Sherlock: And now we wait.

Two years we waited patiently for this series. Two years of only being able to receive our fixes from the previous 6 90 minute episodes. We endured, we struggled through, knowing that the pay off would be worth it because we believed in the Gatiss/Moffat/Cumberbatch/Freeman team so much.

And then it arrived. The long awaited series, after years of predictions and wonders over how it was that Sherlock Holmes cheated death. For my review of the first two episodes, please do check out what I said last week. This post will predominantly be about the third and final episode. An episode that had me worked up into such a state all week, for fear that Moffat would almost certainly be killing off someone and leaving me in a state of snot and tears. Thankfully this wasn't the case.

The anticipation and lead up for me, over the past week, entered into non-healthy levels as I started to feel the familiar pangs of obsession take over my mind. If I wasn't already convinced on my own that I was probably too fixated on the upcoming episode, the concerned facebook messages and glazed over looks on work colleagues eyes confirmed that my conversation topic needed to drastically change if I wanted to keep the friends I had... I knew all this, but still couldn't stop myself. I watched The Sign of Three at least once a day, to the point that, by Saturday, I was happily mouthing along with the lines, having learnt the entire script by heart.

When not watching the programme, I thought about it... I spent an unhealthy amount of time on Tumblr, until I accidentally fell on what I thought was a Spoiler of epic proportions (a very realistic seeming post about Lestrade being killed). This was the only thing that caused me to stop getting wrapped up in the fandom. I am so glad that this spoiler did not happen.

...There is also a chance that I may, just slightly have delved into a little dabbage of photoshop...

I challenge anyone to say that wasn't exactly what they were thinking when watching this scene...

Anywho. His Last Vow... What did I think? I think that I love Moffat more now than I have ever done. To properly discuss this episode though, we really need to begin with Charles Augustus Magnussen. Freaking hell, did I want to slap that man. It irked me that someone was on my favourite show who I hated with such a passion. It felt weird and alien, and it took me a while to realise why it was that it did...

Truth is, up until this point, each and every one of the people who have come up against Sherlock, I have kinda loved as well. They've been likeable in this really weird way that makes the viewer question their sanity,as well as their moral compass. Case and point being the unusual but undeniable attraction I have had and always will have for Moriarty... yes, just like Molly, I'm beginning to think that my type of guy is a sociopath.

But Magnussen? I hated him so much, I wanted to reach into my screen and strangle him throughout the episode. Having had a while to think about what it was that made me hate him, I realised that it was simply because he belittled Sherlock and Watson every moment he had. From peeing in their fireplace to flicking.John's.face. I got violent at that scene... I'd like to flick him until he bleeds. Sorry... taking a deep breath... and I'll continue.

I can't fault Lars Mikkelsen, he was so chillingly calm in his interpretation of this villain. When he licked the face of Lady Smallwood, I realised then that this man was going to turn my skin... I'm not going to lie, it had a lot to do with him then wiping his tongue on a cloth serviette, which the thought of alone makes me clench my teeth in discomfort... but I probably would have hated him equal amounts had he not licked something that really shouldn't be licked... *takes a moment to gag a little*

For all his chilling performance however, the arch enemy who still managed to steal the show, mainly on account of him being so very awesome, even when he's just in Sherlock's head, was of course Moriarty.

The moment Sherlock runs into the padded room and caught sight of the chained up crazy person in the corner, I crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and hoped against all hope that it was Moriarty. And of course it was. Now, upon having this confirmed, I am already in a state of elation and pure joy. However, the moment he comes charging at the camera and starts spitting... I actually applauded. I'm not ashamed to say it. I gave him a nice large clap and congratulated Andrew Scott for once again being so awesome.


I did also then have to deal with the worrying residual feelings after the scene however, whereby I came to terms with the fact that even though the man was crazed, tied up, spouting out stuff that didn't make much sense, and was clearly out of his mind, I still found it hella sexy. I'm really not that sure what that says about me, and if I'm honest, I'm not in a rush to find out... pretty certain the answer isn't going to be a good one, so what's the point?

And then there was Mary... I was confused with this. Don't get me wrong, I did like the whole explanation, and it was completely different to what I had going on in my head. Not to mention, the line "The problems of your past are your business, the problems of your future are my privilege" actually had me scooping my heart off the bed, where it had melted right out of my body. And of course, for him to then follow this up with:

Mary: You don't even know my name.
Watson: Is Mary Watson good enough for you?
Mary: Yes, oh my God yes
Watson: It's good enough for me too.

At this point, I had my bowl of popcorn hovering below my mouth, my hands shoving down mouthful after mouthful as I exclaimed to the empty room "this is damn good telly."


Reading back over those last two points, I'm beginning to wonder if my housemates ever get worried about the noises that leave my room when I'm watching Sherlock. I think I applauded yesterday's episode about five times... I definitely whooted a couple of times and wasn't exactly quiet in my opinions during any Magnussen scene on that day. I might ask them one day... I might not. I haven't decided.

My concern with the Mary twist isn't even something I can put my finger on. There are holes in the reasons for why she had to shoot Sherlock. I get that she did it in a way that he would survive, although barely, but why shoot him at all? Why not just knock Magnussen out and bolt it? I couldn't understand the reasoning behind it.

The reveal of Mary to John however, was chilling and, once again, I had to give Martin Freeman top marks for being able to convey a world of hurt in just one look. How does he do that???? Not to mention the "You're the client" speech was amazeballs. Well done Moffat, excellent piece of writing. I can't wait until we're best friends.

That aside though, I just can't work Mary out now. I know she's meant to be this once assassin who is now reformed and in love and trying to leave her old world behind. But I wonder if they tried too hard to make the world love her in the first two episodes, and now it's compromised who she's meant to be. She could be that good at giving off these two personalities but to what extent? I'm now perplexed by her. I don't know if it's necessarily a bad thing, as I'm sure the next series will be full of answers in this regard, but still... I want to know now.

Which brings me onto my last point. 2 years we waited for this series. It was over in 1 and a half weeks. Now who knows when we get the next lot? I suppose we should be used to the feeling of waiting around for more episodes... goodness knows, we spend more time doing that than actually watching them, but still... the thought of another 2 year wait?

I'm going to need to find a new obsession... otherwise there'll be no living with me.

Peace out my lovelies.

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