Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Socialising with an old Film-Buddy

I socialised this weekend. I actually spent an entire night in a friend's house and talked with her and stuff. Can I just take a moment to say how absolutely amazing some of those conversations were.

For the really old readers of this blog (in terms of the period you've been reading this, not your actual age), you might just about remember when I was trying to balance three different blogs at once. There was this one, my creative writing blog, and then there was my film review blog. After Randomthoughts began to take over my life, I chose to stop the other two blogs, otherwise there would be no sleep for me. Ever.

Anywho, my film review blog tended to feature one particular lady. I dubbed her Film-Buddy-Kezia, and she would usually be the one who attended all the films with me. She then went off to Uni to get an education or something, and I was then left bereft of a film buddy. It was a sad time in my life. I decided that I could get myself a new friend to attend films with, or I could just stop attending films in the Cinema way. I chose the latter. Quite clearly I was in mourning.

But there is good news to all this. Film-Buddy Kezia has been back from Uni for the Christmas period and, after a couple of false starts in trying to meet up, we finally managed to get together at hers on Saturday. Naturally, the plan was for a monstrous film fest of all the films that we had missed out on, in the past three years... I honestly didn't expect there to be so many of them! As such, we had to economise and pick some favourites instead. Apparently, otherwise it would have been a marathon spanning over several months at least, and she has to go back to Uni before then...

So, Saturday night we ate Fajitas, drank Rose, and spent a silly amount of time pouring over her DVD collection... I'm not going to lie, she doesn't nearly have the extensive collection I have (apparently this has something to do with her actually having a life), but she had created a pretty impressive collection and, in a moment that made me so proud, I realised she had alphabetised the collection. I had taught her well.

To say that the actual film watching in this night became a little bit of a bust is an understatement. You see, we decided to opt for series watching instead, as there was this little TV series called Girls that she wanted me to watch... I genuinely have not laughed so hard at a show in my life.

We got through the entire season 1 and I am now hooked. As great as this show was, it isn't what I want to talk about today. No, I would like to talk about the awesomeness of Film-Buddy-Kezia once a little bit of alcohol is in her system and conversation takes place.

I do remember laughing a hell of a lot throughout the night at the things that she had to say. However, at this moment, the memories of the particular conversations seem to have, for some reason, escaped my mind into a blur... No idea how that happened... There was one that I remember though. Mainly because it was so awesome.

On the topic of drinking alcohol:

Film-Buddy-Kezia has been shortened to FBK

Me: I've gotten quite old when it comes to drinking nowadays.
FBK: How?
Me: I don't so much as make a fool of myself when drunk anymore. More like, just begin to snooze. I've napped at many a dinner party/house party. I think people just expect it from me now. Where's Lisa? Oh she's curled up on the sofa napping? Okay. She'll be up in a minute.
FBK: Nice to know you're living it up.
Me: I try... How about you? Uni life must get pretty wild and shizzle.
FBK: Thinks about this for a moment When I drink, I've never murdered anyone, but I do get quite drunk.
Me: Crickets chirping as I just stare at her
FBK: I mean it, I haven't killed anyone. But I do like a drink every now and again.
Me: You know those two things are exclusive to each other, right?
FBK: I know
Me: And yet you still feel you had to justify this?
FBK: I just wanted to clarify it. Get it out there.
Me: Because you worried I might have suspected you did kill someone?
FBK: Not really. Why? Do you suspect I have?
Me: I didn't before, but honestly? Now I'm wondering.

I would like to clarify that Film-Buddy-Kezia most certainly hasn't killed anyone. This is confirmed by the fact that I asked her if I might be able to blog this conversation and she gave me her blessing. If she had killed someone, it wouldn't be very clever to agree to let me put it on here now, would it? And she is clever. She's actually doing Maths in Uni... I know, I don't understand that either.

Also, she clearly said that she hadn't killed anyone, and she's a very honest person. So relax! She's perfectly safe. Maybe I've just given off the vibe of being a naturally suspicious woman, and she felt that she had no choice but to defend herself... I do have slightly shifty eyes.

Also, just so you all know, I did in fact fall asleep nice and early that night. I also kicked Film-Buddy-Kezia in the face. Which she has said was her fault as she had chosen to stick her head at my feet. I suppose that was her asking for it.

Anywho, that was my weekend. That's all.

Peace out my lovelies.

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