Friday, 31 January 2014

Fancy Things Friday: How To Guide on creating a fantasy celebrity friendship list: Jennifer Lawrence. If she's not on your list, you're clearly insane.

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday. Where I talk about things on a Friday that I think are fancy!

Today's fancy thing is Jennifer Lawrence. I've known her in the film capacity for a while, what with Hunger Games and the like, but just recently it has been brought to my attention that she is not only a kick arse actress, but also a kick arse person as well.

A couple of months ago, Younger-Brother-Daniel told me to check her out in the interview capacity as he was certain that I would then fall in love with her and add her to my list of people I will be making my best friend in the near future.

However, because I'm rubbish and completely forgot to check her out, also because I had seen her in Hunger Games and she had been so serious and shizzle in that, that I was convinced this obviously meant that this reflected her character in real life, I didn't look into it further. Before you say it, yes I know what the concept of acting is, and I'm also acutely aware of all the awards she has received for being amazing as an actor. But I also have a slight issue with differentiating fact from fiction and, as I haven't seen her in a great many other things, my brain had found a way to perceive her as Katniss Everdeen, rather than a person playing her... It's not like I went around thinking that Hunger Games actually happened or refusing to call her Jennifer, but Katniss instead, or anything... I just simply had no material to go on whereby I didn't associate her face with Katniss.

But then, I spent an evening with Film-Buddy-Kezia earlier in the month, and she started talking about how Jennifer Lawrence was the most down to earth actress she had heard of and how much she loved her and so on and so forth. By this point, I decided that I would check her out.

So I did. I went to youtube, typed in her name and then proceeded to lose about 4 hours of my life (no exaggeration) on watching interview after interview of this woman. What was my conclusion after this? Guys, I'm in love. Seriously, Jennifer Lawrence won me over with her weird words and awesomeness.

My favourite thing about her, and the thing that I think just sums her up in a nutshell, is that she appears to just be a fangirl who can also act. She seems to always be talking about how she had just met some famous person and she couldn't believe that they talked to her... or it occurs whilst being interviewed and this happens:

Guys, this was the clincher for me. Seriously, she is just awesome. I watched this and thought, 'yup, that's the girl for me.'

I went out recently for a meal with The-Brother's and New-To-The-Family-Amy, to celebrate Younger-Brother-Daniel's birthday. It must have been the day after I had had my four hour video fest of Ms Lawrence, and so naturally I was in gushing mode. Incidentally, it was also the weekend after Sherlock had finished. As such, apparently my contribution to the meal's conversation consisted of a Sherlock/Jennifer Lawrence Tourettes motif, whereby people would be talking about real life things, such as Older-Brother-Glyn and New-To-The-Family-Amy's upcoming wedding, and then I would suddenly just shout out something related to the Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence and demand that everyone give their entire attention to the latest awesome gif I had found on tumblr. The-Brothers, being two people who have known me all their lives, know how to deal with me in these situations. Basically, it's just best to stop the conversation, give the statement/tumblr image their undivided attention for about 30 seconds, and then pick up where they left off, as my brain wanders off to find something new and awesome to shout out. I may be odd and weird to have around, but my oddness and weirdness can be easily managed, I find.

Anywho, Jennifer Lawrence has pretty much rocked my world in her "just not caring about what people think" attitude she has. Which means that now I have the most awesome new Fantasy List.

Yes, people have Fantasy Football lists, and "Famous people I'm allowed to have affairs with" lists. Me? I've created the Fantasy Celebrity Friend List. And can I just say, so far, this thing is awesome. Here it is:

Best Friend
Jennifer Lawrence, on account of being weird and fangirlish no matter how big she gets, which is exactly how I would be should I ever find myself in the Famous Way. Also Emma Stone, because I fancy her a little bit... Although that friendship might get complicated due to this reason.

People I would work with regularly and spend countless evenings with, talking about really geeky things 
Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman (to start off with). Nights with these people will consist of just talking about possible fictional projects and arguing over possible plot twists and character development and the concept of time travel and how paradoxes work and so on and so forth... If even one night with just one of those people ever happened, I would possibly cry with such happiness that I might just die right then, knowing life would never get any better from that moment.

Possible relationships that I would consider
Rupert Grint or Ed Sheeran, for just being so awesomely ginger. Benedict Cumberbatch... I don't need to insult you all with a reason for that.

Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) because who wouldn't want to spend all days looking into those eyes? (Same reason applies for the Cumberbatch)... and you know what? I'll leave that list open... purely because I don't like to discriminate by leaving anyone out...

And that's my fantasy celebrity friend list... most of these people have been on the list for a while. Jennifer is my new addition, and I'll leave you with just a snippet of the reasons why.

... PS: Before you say it...Yes, I am aware that this whole post makes me seem like some crazed woman who lives outside of reality, but if you haven't realised that about me by now, then I don't know where you've been.

Peace out my lovelies.

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