Monday, 27 January 2014

How To Guide for being simultaneously lazy and incredibly productive.

I have had the most lazy-and-yet-highly-productive weekend in the history of my little world. The high contradiction has left me a little whiplashed, let me tell you.

To explain, not once did I leave my onesie for the entire two days. I also left my bed only when completely necessary and was snuggled so tight in my duvet that I was the definition of laze. However, I also spent the entire time working on writing jobs on my laptop. I wrote more of my novel, I worked on my current freelancing editing job and I even gave directions to Claire-The-Bully when she got lost and called me in confusion. Usually, when I do nothing for a weekend, I tend to wake up on a Monday morning feeling entirely guilty that I have wasted 48 hours of my life on absolutely nothing worthwhile. This morning however, I woke up feeling victorious. I had had a taste of what I had always wanted my life to be like, a life where I can be professionally lazy and still turn out a profit. 

This, guys, is the ultimate dream. I'm not going to lie, my ideal dream of writing novels for a living has a lot to do with the burning desire to tell stories and have people get as excited about the voices in my head as I am, but there is also this very real and beautiful aspect to it, which is that I can get away with working every day like the weekend I just had. Sure, I may end up with bed sores and I would probably need to work in some form of conversational type aspect with other people, so as to stop myself from becoming a complete recluse, but overall it would be worth it. 

To add extra beauty to my weekend, I spent my downtime in between writing jobs playing the new Sherlock: The Network, game on my iphone. It's an app that basically enrolls you as a member of Sherlock's Homeless Network and allows you to help him solve crimes. It's the official game, so they've gone all out and break up each level by having video clips of Benedict and Martin talking to you in character. I'm not going to lie. At first, when they started, I listened intently and was geeking out over the chance of brand new footage of Sherlock and Watson to watch. However, as the game continued and my involvement in the game increased, I found my enjoyment was multiplied by 100 if, when Sherlock and Watson talked to me, I talked back... I'm not even going to be ashamed of that. It gave me endless amusement to have actual conversations with them. Such was my excitement, that I managed to finish the entire game by the time the weekend was out, leaving me once again with that lost feeling that only comes with the end of each new Sherlock series. 

That's going to be all I say on that, due to the fact that I have managed to use up the majority of January, talking about Sherlock and I fear that I may be alienating those who either haven't watched Sherlock, or don't like it... not that I know of a single person who doesn't like it... I mean, to watch something as amazing as that and then not like it is, well, weird. 

Anywho... I realise that this month has drastically altered the general theme of this blog. Usually I just chat about crap that I have done, scenarios I have got myself into that are less than ideal, and just generally chat about my day. This month, I've barely done that, for which I apologise. My main reason is, as you might have guessed by the type of weekend I have had, that I just don't have much going on at the moment. I could come on here and talk about yet another day where I worked, went home, and fell asleep, but I fear that you may all lose interest. As such, I have been improvising to fill in the gaps in my usually booming social life (slight sarcasm might need to be inserted there). 

Things that have happened however, is that One-And-Only-Daniela has finally come back from what felt like a year's vacation to the Philippines. This was really only about 3 weeks, but as she consists of my entire social life, it has seemed a little longer to me. But she's back and complaining about the crappy weather and how she needs another holiday already, and it's glorious!! So hopefully, as a result of this, and the upcoming money that should be coming my way for all the productive editing I have been doing all weekend, I shall once again find myself with something to blog about! Huzzah! 

Until then, I thought I might leave you with an old post I put up. It was one I found recently and completely forgot had happened until I re-read it. But it also explains exactly why I have nicknamed the above friend as Claire-The-Bully. True story. Just Click Here to read more.

Peace out my lovelies.

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