Thursday, 23 January 2014

Careful, this post may contain over positivity and happiness. It is likely to become infectious and leave you feeling happy as well. If you wish to be miserable, best to give this one a miss.

Today is a good day. Today is a happy day. Today I have felt good about being happy and I would like to share said goodness and happiness with you all because, for all my tendency towards cynicism and sarcasm, I have decided that occasionally smiling about absolutely nothing is required.

I've made some very small and insignificant changes in my life this week. I've instigated a few things and combated my procrastination problem for finishing other things. I started doing this on Monday, and it left me with such a rush, I continued to do productive things all week. This then increased my good mood so that I haven't been able to stop. I'm in a "Doing things created Good Feelings which gives me energy to do more things" cycle that is just making my week better and better. 

So far, my doing things have all created positive responses and repercussions. So much so, that I am finding myself spontaneously dancing in the street and high fiving strangers, whilst throwing them the wink and the gun. I'm laughing about silly things and filling my mind with the positive and ridiculous. I'm also eating silly amounts of Oranges... I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I'm going with it. 

As such, I feel that I should be spreading the happiness to all of you lovely people. My reason is that this blog being read by people is one of my favourite things that I have. When I see that people daily check out my blog to read the random crap that I have to say, and then come back again the next day because I apparently haven't scared them off, it makes me so giddy I could just kiss my computer screen... I may even have actually kissed the screen on a few occasions, you know, just because. 

You guys give me happiness every day, so I wanted to do the same. So here goes... 

Life is short but amazing. Of all the species that exist in this world, we definitely get the best deal. We are able to love and smile and cry and feel. We are able to look at the world and appreciate the beautifulness of it. Not only that, but we are able to create new and exciting ways to make it beautiful. This world consists of natural stunning sights, such as: 

And then we went right ahead and added to that, by creating equally beautiful things like:

Guys, we made those! Actual people with brains and awesomeness. Sometimes it feels like there is far too much focus on the evil of humanity and not enough on the sheer stunning talent we possess. All around the world, there are people thinking up stuff and other people saying yes to those people. All through history it's been happening. We've all just been a species of people who marvelled at beauty and said "I want to add to this."

Just stop for a moment and consider the concept of Imagination. We could just be walking around this world, surviving, eating and sleeping and we'd be considered a successful species for being able to, as a whole, get from point of birth to old age and function with each other. That would be an amazing thing in itself. However, in addition to our amazing ability to do that, we also come with all this other stuff. We are able to feel emotions, to express ourselves in innovative ways, and (perhaps the most awesome thing of all) we have access to imaginations.

The imagination. Each of us has one. Some of us have bigger ones than others. But what is amazing is that, by it's very nature, there are no limitations to what it can hold and, as such, this allows us all to use it in our own special and unique way. Due to this, it has to be the most adaptable and varied possession we have available to us. Each imagination is birthed and adapted based on an individual's personality, talent and passion. We each have the capacity to make whatever we want in our minds. We don't just get to enjoy the miracle that is living, but we get to expand and dream. If there is something in our lives that we aren't happy with, we each hold the ability to change it. The only thing stopping us, is our willingness to see it through.

As has been proved time and time again in this blog, I have always been an advocate for the stretching of one's imagination. Even when I dream something ridiculous that would never happen, it still allows me to feel giddy over the possibility of it, especially when things aren't nearly as exciting in real life.

Imagination gives us drive and purpose. Whether it be through designing beauty, creating fictional worlds and storylines for others to enjoy, developing dreams in our careers and a goal to reach for our future, or just simply coming up with a way that would make another person's day, the fact that we hold the ability to do it in the first place, is just mind boggling.

I am grateful for the ability to dream. And, being a woman who has suffered from nightly nightmares for almost 10 years, I realise it takes a lot for me to be able to say that. But if to lose the nightmares meant that I would also have to lose my ability to imagine, I wouldn't even consider it, I'd keep them both.

So with all that said, take a moment today. Look around you at what the world has to offer. When you're out in public, have a sneaky glance at the people around you and watch how they are with each other (emphasis on the "sneaky" bit, otherwise things may progress to a non happy place, when confronted). If you come across a particularly beautiful section of your world, stop and take a moment to soak it in and marvel. We truly are blessed with what we have, and sometimes it's just amazing to stop, observe, smile and be in awe.

Then, whilst you are marvelling at the beauty of it, allow it to inspire your imagination. Take a moment and allow your dreams to take over. Go through the desires of your heart and select the most beautiful, then consider, even if it's just for one moment, that this beautiful dream has the possibility of coming true. Take a moment then to just absorb the happiness that that brings and just Be.

In case you were wondering why I spent most of my time in my head, now you know.

Peace out my lovelies.

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