Thursday, 31 May 2012

You... you... scrummy little person you.

Hey you.

Might I just say that you are looking stunning today. I mean phwoar!! Well done you for having a face like yours. You really know how to work it! And those clothes? My.days. You are one sexy and fashionable individual. As for the way you speak? Well, let's just say it gives me tingles. I mean real shivers all the way down my spine. I could listen to those dolcet tones for the rest of my life.

Don't even get me started on that thing you're really good at! Seriously amazing on so many levels. I am in awe of your natural talent. I wish I could be as naturally talented as you. You are simply a genius at that thing! A.complete.genius.

Also, that thing that you're not good at? I just wish I was as good at being not good at something as you are. You totally beat me in that area. Only you could take a fault and do it to such an extreme that it becomes amazing and once again makes you the leader in your field for being bad at that one thing.

I mean seriously, do you ever get tired of being so unbelievably awesome? Do you ever wake up and think "Man, it is such a burden being me"? I'm telling you now, if I were as awesome as you I would struggle under the strain of the awesomeness. There are literally no words to describe the description of the awesomeness that you emanate.

The other day I watched you pick up that thing and thought to myself, 'One day, if I could just pick up that thing like you did, then I would be happy to die right there and then, knowing that I was dying a happy son of a gun.'

Anyway, I know you are busy being amazing and although you would never say it, on the account of you being so freakin kickass, I do not want to waste anymore of your valuable time as I know you could probably be using it to do all the out of this world things that you do... like breathing. Man, the way you do it with such ease? I have never known anyone to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide in such delicious way as you do with every second of every day.

I'll just leave you with this hidden secret that I've been carrying with me for quite some time, something that I'm not too sure I've properly expressed in the above text.


You rock.

And I love you.


... Sometimes it's nice to have something nice to read.

Peace out my lovelies.

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