Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Where have I been? ... Well, sleeping mainly ... wait, no, that's not it

Throughout my life I've been awesome enough to experience all sorts of fun emotionally stunted habits that have led me to be the quirky person that I am today. One of these beautiful little nuggets has been my ability to experience nightmares on a regular basis... I am telling you, my subsoncious mind is bizarre... and ever so slightly pervy and disgusting.

Anywho, I've had the nightmare thing for about 7 years and I was pretty convinced that it was the worst thing about sleeping I could experience... until a couple of weeks ago I experienced a new joy that I can happily say trumps the prior... or is at least on par with it.

Yes, you guessed it ladies and gents... I am now officially an insomniac. Oh how wonderful the experience is, to lay awake until half five in the morning, finally fall asleep to have disgusting, perverse and terrifying nightmares only to wake up at 6am. It leaves me feeling all kinds of special throughout the day!

So my reasons for not writing in this thing? Because I don't know why.

All I do know is that I certainly felt so much better when I was writing in this thing every day and I'm going to try to let out all of my thoughts and craziness onto all you lovely people so that maybe they're not running around my head instead.

So... where to begin?

Quick catch up since the last time we spoke...

Went to Scotland to see the Parents.
Started a new cross stitch while I was there. It's of a man holding up a baby. It would be an awesome 'congrats on squeezing a baby out' present... I don't actually know anyone who is currently cooking any babies but I figure that by the time I finish it (in about three or four years) someone is bound to have gotten knocked up by then... note to self, make sure it's a couple where the dad is involved, don't want to send it to anyone in a 'look what you're missing' kind of way, that may come across as a little harsh.

Also, whilst I started the cross stitch, I wanted to make sure that I got into the right mood so I watched films like Little Women and Pride and Prejudice and yelled out 'Snap!' whenever anyone on the TV was also cross stitching... you know, to add a bit more excitement to the experience.

Got robbed and other such shenanigans
Yeah, this one should probably help in my non contact with you guys recently. One night, whilst myself and Housemate-Anna was sleeping, some lovely person decided to come into our house and steal my lap top and TV. It was a highly special moment when I woke up the following morning to find my side door open and my household contents gone.

In a rush to see if anything had been disposed of in our skips (seriously the lap top and TV were on their last legs anyway, they should have realised this almost as soon as they left the house), I ran out of the side door, carrying things that needed to be put in the skip as a way of multi tasking because I'm awesome like that, and lost my footing on the first of the stone steps. Due to my hands being full, as I fell (in what felt like slow motion) down the rest of the stone steps I landed on my arm whilst my leg simultaneously smacked on the lowest step. This resulted in the biggest gash I've ever seen on my arm and my leg to swell to twice it's size. I wasn't able to walk on it for a week.

In spite of all of that, there was no lap top or TV disposed anywhere... stupid robbers.

Have continued to be neurotic on a daily basis
So it may appear that by not telling you guys my neuroses as they happen, I'm just penting them all up into one massive neurotic mess. It's been causing me all sorts of problems, let me tell you. I've found a new way of letting them out which is via song, I am currently in the process of writing a song about relationships which I promise, should I ever complete and record, I will put on this website.

Other than that, I've been keeping with my normal neuroses, increasing my actions on others and also creating brand new ones as well so make sure I'm completely bizarre instead of just quirky... if you were wondering, below is the scale I adhere by:

Square - - Has their moments - - Quirky - - Neurotic - - Best to avoid - - Completely Bizarre - - Should probably be admitted

Feel free to assign yourself to whichever you feel best describes you. There are descriptions for each but I'll leave that for another day.

All in all it has been a while and I will endeavour to ensure that it isn't in the future.

Much love and kisses

Peace out my lovelies.

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