Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lack of money is not a problem when you keep your standards really low.

It has come to my attention that I negated to talk about the large population of British people that in fact do not like the hot weather in my last post. There was a reason for this... I covered this topic last year and I'm nothing if not fresh and current with every new post... sometimes. However, if you would like a full picture of just how fickle our lovely collection of islands are, then please feel free to read here.

Today has been one of those days where I have found myself running around the place where I work. Or as I like to call it, my annual trip to the gym. Yes, today I have come the closest to what I constitute as exercise and I have to admit, I feel the pounds dropping off me as I talk. Not only that, but I have started this amazing new diet which is called the "No money for food" diet. All it consists of is scraping into the depths of my pockets for enough money for four cans of tuna and two packets of noodles and then looking forward the designated time of the day where I treat myself by eating. It really is a good way at creating silver linings around the depression that is the recession.

When I see the chance to eat as a treat rather than a necessity for living, it also becomes a lot better to handle. It's like... hey, I could either not eat at all today and probably not die or I could treat myself to a nice tasty bowl of tuna and feel even closer to not dying! Hurrah to me! Treats are awesome.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I did move out of the flat that sucked all my money out of my account and into a much more money friendly flat but alas the extent of the money grabbing of my last flat still demands of me that I'm less picky about my sustenance in the current climate. Have no fear however, because I have a plan in place for more work and next week I'm considering replacing the noodles for baked beans in a can with little pork sausages inside. You know, give me something new to look forward to! I may have to splash out and buy some bread for the possibility of beans on toast, however I am confident that my budget should be able to cover it. It's worth giving yourself a little treat every now and again! Oooh, I think I'm going to by Hovis bread, be really dangerous! Okay now I am mega excited for next week, it will be such an exciting time!

So this is my new outlook on life and the rubbishness of no money because bank people stole it from me... I shall instead see it as an adventure! What small excitement can I bring out of today's allocated 50p?? Oooh! Only time will tell! Come on guys, know you're excited with me! It's okay, you can show it!

Peace out my lovelies.

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