Thursday, 6 December 2012

It is COLD!!!!

Dear all,

It is that time of year where I receive the first of my country's extreme weather and I decide I'm ready to complain about it in post form.

Ladies and gents, in case you wanted to know because you are interested in the types of weather throughout the world, here's my input... It is cold in London today.

I'm not kidding, I walked into work today and, due to the fact that all of my clothes are still in bin bags partly because I live in a world riddled with denial and partly because I have to use a hammer to put my chest of drawers together and whenever I get home The-Four-Year-Old I now live with is usually asleep, I cannot find my gloves at all.


After reading that last paragraph back, I feel that it would be important to highlight that I'm not living with just The-Four-Year-Old, her mum, dad and siblings live there too... just wanted to clarify that before any rumours started up.

Anywho, I have no gloves and so stepping outside into this weather this morning made my fingers complain non stop at me. Apparently they don't like being cold as much as the rest of me. And given that they were exposed to it the most, I swear I reached the point where they were so frozen, if I had tried to bend one, it would have just snapped away... luckily that didn't happen but just in case, I'm going to look for my gloves tonight... you know, because I like my fingers and would like to keep them and all. I get the feeling that without them, I would find typing these posts a lot more difficult... although I'm convinced I would master the art of typing with my nose eventually, I'm not denying that it would look bizarre to watch... especially in corporate meetings where I'm required to do the minutes at work... hmmmm, yes I think gloves are a necessity.

I'm spending Christmas again up in Scotland this year. (You may be all 'woah Lisa, a second ago you were talking about gloves and now you're onto Christmas? Some warning please!' But I would like to challenge anyone who is thinking about gloves not to also think about Christmas, those things obviously go hand in hand... unless you live in Australia, in that case I excuse you and welcome you to feel disorientated by the sudden topic swap.) I'm hoping that we may actually get snow on Christmas day this year, I hope this every year but I'm feeling especially good about this year, it feels like the one...

In other news (yes there's more, you lucky things), I'm loving my new little home. Earlier this week, I was leaving the house to hear a little voice call out 'Lisa!' I turned round to find The-Four-Year-Old come running up to me and give me a massive hug. I actually wanted to take the girl with me to work and just sit in my office and do cute things all day. However, she was still in her pyjamas and I think I would probably need to tell her parents in advance... Then yesterday morning, we sang disney songs before I left to work and I realised I may be falling into some form of happy-go-lucky fairy tale where everything is bright and fun and people break out into singing at any given moment and then the whole world joins in with perfect harmonies because they know exactly what's happening and are just excited to feel a part of the whole thing... Actually, I should probably check whether this is something that is actually happening. Judging by my extensive research of this (by watching Buffy episodes regularly), I gotta feeling, it could be demons, a dancing demon... no something isn't right there...

Anywho, I'm off to write some highly important fictional stuff. For those of you who haven't heard from my endless tweets, facebook comments and post updates (and if you haven't heard, I'm assuming you've been hiding under a rock somewhere with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears whilst humming loudly), I'm also uploading my NaNoWriMo novel in my creative writing blog. A chapter a day at the moment. Today's is chapter three. Would love to know what you think. Check it out here.

Thank you also to everyone who has already been reading it, your feedback has been awesome and I love you all deeply with all of my being and other stuff.

PS: For those of you who caught my Buffy quote in this post, well done, you get a gold star and a pat on the back and a big sloppy wet kiss from me... sorry about that last one, but it's kinda a package deal!

Peace out my lovelies.

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