Saturday, 15 September 2012

Go me, I'm all pro work and stuff

Today I am working on a Saturday. Yesterday I spent two hours budgetting with Housemate-Anna and all in all I am feeling that urge of importance in my life where I am awesome and taking control of my finances and not lazing about and being productive in the world whilst making my mark and all that shizzle.

I am very excited about this, I am also going to go for the record on how long that will last. I spent all last weekend feeling sorry for myself and all my badness and not having any money and being all rubbish with all aspects of my life full stop but then I was reminded, I can choose to be different! I can be a better person.

So about tuesday/wednesdayish when I'd rather reluctantly taken off my 'everything sucks and woe is me and everyone should feel sorry for me because nothing ever changes and I'm only making things worse' hat, I decided I would take my first step and re-engage with the world. The only way I could figure to do this well was to come to you guys and start spouting crap like I used to, hoping that it may enocourage me to be more productive in other places... it worked.

I went to the doctors and sleep exists, I went to work and was told I could do extra shifts (this is my lunch break, I'm not slacking I promise) and I started telling Housemate-Anna about a plan on how I will stop my bank from stealing money from me (in a legitimate sense and not by wearing a mask and stealing it back or anything like that (if I was planning that of course, I would not be stating it on here, it's burglary 101, don't advertise your crime if you don't want to get caught (I'm talking to you, people who rioted my lovely Enfield last year, put pictures on the internet of you doing so and then were surprised when the police found you... you know who you are (but I'm not stealing from the bank. Pinky swear)))). Any who I was telling Housemate-Anna this and suddenly, the next thing I know, we're writing up charts and plans and budgets and working incomings and outgoings and using whiteboards and markers and doing math and all sorts and most importantly I didn't hate it

Yes, I am a new plum. I am organised and I am ready for the world. So long sucky Plum, hello world!!

Peace out my loveles.

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