Monday, 17 September 2012

Empty brain

You know, it's all well and good me deciding to write on this thing every day, but the problem comes when there isn't much to write about... I'm empty today. No whimsical wonderings, no manic mischief, no random reminiscing, no shady shenanighans... a lot of alliteration though. That's always fun.

As such I'm going to make it short today, partly for the reasons above and also partly because I have been typing at work for 8 hours straight and my finger muscles are starting to look far too buff and out of proportion to the rest of my body... seriously, they're like firm, hunky looking sausage fingers. They love a good wolf whistle at other fingers going by just so they can wink and flex their biceps (before you say it, yes fingers are able to wink and yes they have biceps, if you are checking that in some form of new fangled "science book" then you are quite clearly reading the wrong material).

But anyway, I'm tired and I'm really not looking for another reason to stay staring at the four walls of my office when I should have left a very long time ago already. I almost decided to wait and talk to you guys when I got home but then I thought, meh, that's a whole hour and a half away, who knows where my head and indeed my body may be at that point? ... Well, I kinda hope my body will be at home sitting on a sofa and turning on Season 3 of House as I am re-watching them at the mo... but still, you never know!

Okay, well my left hand now hurts and my right hand is making fun of it for being a woose. In my left hands defense, I am left handed so it has to do a lot more work than the right... My right hand's having none of it, if you listen hard enough you can probably hear it gloating from where you're sitting... and now my left hand is sulking and threatening to go on strike... I'd better wrap up, this typing milarkey will be a lot slower with only one hand in operation and I'm already dreaming of my bed at home... hmmmmm sleep... how I've missed thee.

See you guys around and share love to all because I've decided that today that is important.

Peace out my lovelies.

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