Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The mysterious Spaceballs

Something bizarre has been happening near where I live... It has left me rather perplexed and suspicious and such.

There's a road that I need to walk down between my flat and the train station. It's a long residential road and all down it, day and night, there are always cars parked in every given space on the curb.

A couple of months ago, on my way back from work I noticed that there was a DVD in the back of one of these cars, it was of the movie Spaceballs. You know it? It was pretty much a childhood regular in our household so the moment I saw it I immediately paused and gazed fondly at it as all the memories of my younger self watching the movie flooded back...

For those of you who don't know it, it's basically a spoof of all big science fiction movies, there's a lot of Star Wars in it, a bit of Alien, a dash of Star Trek and many others.

For the younger me, who wasn't really old enough for the Alien movies and hadn't got into the wonders of Science Fiction as of yet (yes, that does mean that I hadn't known what it was to experience true happiness) I had no clue what any of the references were about but I absolutely loved it, and the reason for this was two fold:

1. I knew it was a comedy so therefore should be funny and hence I felt I owed it to myself to laugh in all the right places otherwise I might not be considered as 'cool' or 'normal.'

2. Older-Brother-Glyn did understand the jokes and found it very funny. This happened to coincide with the time of my life when I hero worshipped my older brother and so if he found something funny then I trusted him enough to think it was funny as well.

Anywho, after a while the movie wasn't watched as much and years went by where it became only a fond memory of what was once. As I reached my late teens, I was round a friends house and saw that they had this movie. Instantly the fondness came flooding back (as it had just the other month) and I waved it excitedly in said friend's face, claiming that it was of massive importance that we immediately put the movie on so that we can have an afternoon of sheer laughter and happiness. Not to mention, I now knew what Science Fiction was and, although I had not at this point got round to watching Alien, I was aware of the references that Spaceballs used (aliens bursting out of stomachs etc and so forth), as such I just knew I would finally get to watch this movie and laugh because I actually get it rather than due to pressures of peer pressure.

Said-Friend shrugged rather uninterestedly and said that we might as well. As such, I skipped and they lulled to the lounge so that we could watch the movie.

And we watched it...

And I got ready to laugh...

And it didn't come.

I mean don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the comfort it brought as the oh so familiar memories soared back into my brain, but that was about it. All those jokes that I didn't get the first time and assumed were funny, I got this time and realised that weren't actually as funny as I had hoped and dreamed they were. I mean, it wasn't awful but my heart still did feel like it had been broken and stomped on and I gotta say, I kind of felt betrayed. Betrayed by Spaceballs, betrayed by my own memories, betrayed my peer pressure and most of all betrayed my Older-Brother-Glyn.

So I had two choices, I could either never watch the movie again and petend that I dreamt this experience, or I could watch it over and over and over again until finally I found the tear jerking laughter I had been so badly craving.

I chose the first option. I took the DVD out of the player, and ever so calmly placed it in her alhabetised drawer. I then sat down and pretended the whole thing had never happened. (You'd think after that, I would have learnt my lesson, but a mere four years later I also did the same thing with the movie Cluedo, I remember crying myself to sleep the day my parents recorded over that movie with an episode of Ballykissangel only to buy the movie and not understand how I could have fallen for the same peer pressured mistake again... stupid Older-Brother-Glyn, it took me ages to realise he had bad taste as a child).

Anywho... that's not even the mysterious bit. Back to the journey back to my flat and the fond look I was giving the memorable spaceballs movie in the back of the car (oh the joys of selective memory). For the rest of the week I walked past that same car, parked in the same spot and smiled silently to myself as the Spaceballs DVD stared out at me.

Then one day, the car and DVD was gone... or just the DVD and the car was still there just without the DVD in it's back seat anymore. I wasn't really paying that much attention to the vehicle.

I mourned for the loss of the DVD for about a day before I forgot that it had even been there... my memory hasn't been that great lately... I blame my tendency for knocking my head on inanimate objects.

A couple of months later, I was walking to the station on the other side of the road and noticed once again that the Spaceballs DVD was back in the back seat of a car... except it wasn't the same car as the one I had seen before, it was parked in completely the wrong place and the colour was all wrong. This meant only one thing, another car in the exact same road had also not only bought this movie but had also decided that it would like to store it in the back seat of their car.

I was perplexed, I could not account for it at all. It wasn't until it happened a third time, I decided that that was it, I was quite obviously being watched and for some reason they chose this completely bizarre way to screw with me...

I haven't noticed it happen for the fourth time as of yet but we'll have to wait and see. It is a mystery and I will figure it out if it kills me...


Unless it is the same car but they've just parked in another spot...



Peace out my lovelies.

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