Monday, 30 January 2012


This weekend One-And-Only-Daniela watched Shakespeare in Love. When trying to work out whether she had seen it before, this was the conversation we had. 

One-And-Only-Daniela has been shortened to OAOD

Me: Do you want to watch Shakespeare in Love?
OAOD: No Lisa! I don't want to watch a film where the two people kill themselves at the end. It's depressing. 
Me: That's Romeo and Juliet. This is about William Shakespeare... Hence the title. 
OAOD: Oh yeah. Okay. 
Me: Have you seen it before?
OAOD: I think so... I can't remember. 
Me: It's the one where she dresses up as a man to do Shakespeare's plays. 
OAOD: (Looks at me in shock) Are you saying that William Shakespeare was really a woman??!!
Me: ... Not William Shakespeare, the woman he falls in love with. Shakespeare was definitely a man. 
OAOD: Oh. 
Me: You would believe anything I tell you wouldn't you?
OAOD: Probably. 
Me: Interesting. 

I love having that girl back. She's awesome, even if she claimed that, after I told her the spare glasses were in the dishwasher, she had no idea how to open a dishwasher. This was merely a pretence to get me to get the glass for her but as I had only just gone to the shop for her I wasn't in the mood to wait on her hand and foot so I simply stared at her, stone faced. 

"I'll figure it out." She eventually murmured and made her way to my kitchen. 

She is also officially my hair colourer and spent two hours making my hair all new and red whilst I educated her mind with introducing her to Fight Club. We watched five movies on Saturday:

The nines (by far one of the best films in the world, please watch if you haven't already). 

House Bunny
Fight Club
Make it happen
Shakespeare in love 

The night before we had also watched:

Date Movie (I thought I'd bought 'Not another teen movie' I was devastated to see I was wrong).


All in all, celebrating that my DVD wall was up and running was awesome. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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