Monday, 23 January 2012

My bedroom looks so beautiful I want to hug it until it starts to feel uncomfortable. 

Two months after I moved in, I finally got my DVD shelves back so that we could live in a flat that wasn't littered with boxes. 

As such, I spent yesterday being a total kick-ass independent woman and assembled the shelves all by myself. After putting together three of the four ceiling high shelves I was mentally congratulating myself for not causing any form of injury to my body... Which was definitely not the case when taking them apart at my last flat. However, just as I was opening the scissors to cut the one of the boxes that had my DVDs in, I nipped my finger (on what I'm not sure as I was holding the handle at the time) and suddenly a gush of blood unlike anything I had ever seen before started flowing from one of my fingers. I'm not kidding, this thing just kept on pouring blood out for about half an hour. As is usual with my body injuries, I was at a complete confusion as to how it had even happened in the first place. When I did it again to the finger next to it, I resigned to the fact that the scissors were faulty and quite clearly out to get me. 

Any normal person would have changed scissors at this point but I saw this as a personal challenge. I was not going to let the scissors defeat me. I continued to use them with two fingers wrapped in bloody tissue. I'm pleased to say that I won as the mysterious plastic handles that had previously been trying to bleed me dry did not manage to attack any of my other fingers. So take that kitchen scissors! I totally beat you at your own game!

Also, I used a hammer all afternoon and didn't once smack my thumb with it so I won at that game as well. All round, I was totally winning yesterday. 

Of course, due to my complete laziness in life, I do not feel like I'm winning today. My body aches in such a way that should only be reserved for those who have run marathons. What's more, it's only just been getting worse as the day goes on. 

But on the plus side, I have my wall of DVDs back and I got to enjoy two hours of pure OCD bliss as I alphabetised each and every one of my 300+ DVDs. I'm not going to lie, my bedroom has never looked sexier. Also I was only slightly light headed from the earlier blood loss which was awesome. 

My weekend was also pretty awesome because I went to a comedy club with One-And-Only-Daniela on Saturday night and we both laughed heartily. Within five seconds of meeting up with her she had exclaimed "I swear I am going to punch someone in the face in a minute." ... She's not a massive fan of dawdling commuters, apparently they don't recognise her as the centre of the world and have a tendency not to move out of the way instantly when she's walking down the street. 

She did continue to threaten violence on people, claiming that people in the Philippines are a lot nicer than those in London. I did slightly fear for my life... Or at least my unbruised face but she refrained from punching me or anyone else... Even the girl who spilt red wine over her fur coat. I had never been prouder of her. She grew up in the slightly ghetto area of Manchester so I try not to be too hard on her as she can't help what he was subject to when she was a kid. 

My body is telling me that it wants to sleep and never move again so I'm going to accommodate it and do just that. Until next time...

Peace out my lovelies. 

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