Friday, 6 April 2012

If you want money out of me then it is actually very easy. Give it a go.

I got gift vouchers for Marks and Spencer's this week so I decided that I would buy a dress for the wedding I shall be attending tomorrow. I bought a really nice maxi dress, full of colour. As I was leaving the shop, Housemate-Anna rang me and asked if I would pop into Accesorize and buy her some jewellery for her dress. With all the best intentions in the world I popped into the shop and proceeded to take picture of necklaces I thought would go well with Housemate-Anna's dress to send to her. 

However, after the first picture I was told off and said that I couldn't do that anymore. It would have to be my judgement alone then...

As I was looking amongst the necklaces I saw one that was the same colour as the dress I had just bought... I got the dress out to check this and realised that it was! I didn't really have the money to buy the necklace and I had no intention of actually purchasing it, but I just wanted to check, now that my curiosity was quenched I put the dress back in the bag and went to look for further jewellery for Housemate-Anna. 

However, as I went to move on, one of the shop workers slides on over to me. 

"Can I help you with anything?" she asked. 

"No, I'm fine, just browsing."

"Are you looking for a necklace to match that dress?"

I felt dread flow over me, I was not a strong person in moments like this. 

"I was just curious, that's all."

"Well the dress is a very colourful one so I wouldn't recommend more colour to go with it, something simple would be better."

"Huh, okay," I said. "Thanks for letting me know."

I went to move away but somehow she managed to block my path. 

"I'd recommend something like this necklace over here."

I considered just ignoring her and walking away but my social politeness just couldn't allow me. This was highly annoying as (as I had previously stated) I had no money at all. The dress was only available thanks to gift vouchers from work. 

So, alas, I followed her to the new jewellery section. She proceeded to put necklace after necklace out and show me, encouraging me to get the dress out of the bag so that we could all see the full effect of the two things together and see just how much they complimented each other. 

After the third necklace my heart sunk... I was too deep in this sale now. When this happens, I physically cannot say no. I feel too sorry for the woman who has invested all this time in me. I know, this is a ridiculous reaction to have, but I just don't like awkward moments that inevitably happen when, after half an hour of showing you things, you tell them they wasted their time and say no. 

So with this stupid logic in mind, I really had only two options available to me. 

1. Buy an expensive necklace. 
2. Buy a cheap necklace. 

I opted for 2.

Out of all the necklaces she showed me, there was one that was miraculously only £6. Also she seemed quite fond of this one and seemed to be encouraging me to buy it. Although when I started to favour it, she seemed to back track and suggest the pearl necklace she had shown me earlier. By some amazing feat of strength (or desperation over the sheer little amount of money I had) I managed to stand my ground and choose the cheap £6 necklace.

As such I ran to the counter, parted with my money and legged it out of the shop. It was only as I was walking down the street that I realised I hadn't actually achieved what I had gone in there to do. Housemate-Anna's jewellery. 

I briefly considered going back but I feared what other bags and bracelets and earrings I would inevitably end up with so I kept on running towards the bus and broke the pathetic news to Housemate-Anna via text as I felt too ashamed to ring her. 

I think this is a good start to an awesome wedding weekend. Speak soon. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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