Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I can be quite the neurotic mess when I want to be... who knew? Don't answer that...

Sup my homies, how's it a hanging?

I am currently going through what is probably the longest period this year where I haven't seen One-And-Only-Daniela... she's on holiday on some island near the Bahamas with No-Nickname-Yet-Tshepiso and I'm stuck in this country due to not having monies to embark on such excursions. (FYI: If any of you guys would like to help with such money problems (haven't been out of the country in almost 5 years now) then please feel free to buy one or even both of my books in the right hand column... also, please feel free to ask a couple thousand of your nearest and dearest to do the same... that would be amazing, thanks!)

I like to think that I'm a fairly independent and non 'reliant on other people' type of person... it's just one of the perks of spending your entire 20s single, watching marathon after marathon of different TV shows and making up fictional worlds in your head, instead of building healthy relationships with love interests and such. Yup, I am quite a beast in that regard. However, it would appear that I am beginning to experience some form of emotion at the moment whereby I am missing One-And-Only-Daniela... it's a bizarre feeling. It also doesn't help that she spent the first 5 days on her holiday completely MIA both phone wise and social networking wise, which meant that a sneaky little 'oh my days, what if she's dead?' thought snuck into my brain on the 3rd day in, and then, down to no evidence to prove otherwise, that thought began to fester, which led to a particularly intense 5th day whereby I was beginning to not be able to convince myself of anything other than something awful had happened. It would appear I had become a paranoid mess.

You will be pleased to know that this was short lived as I did receive a text from her on the 6th day with the line 'Don't worry, I'm not dead'... and then I felt foolish.  Also... that was in response to a text I had sent her whereby I had simply asked if she was still alive, as I figured that it was probably best to take the direct approach when it came to working out if your best friend was dead. It does prove that she is nothing like me when it comes to reacting to neurotic behaviour, as I would most definitely have played on this question with a more intriguing 'I do believe I did die, well this sucks... at least I can still use my phone. Silver linings!' I tend to default to sarcasm when people are freaking out/showing emotion/being complimentary around me... another perk of the whole happening single 20s life I was talking about.

Anywho, she is abroad, and I am in England... at work... sighing longingly as I can't remember the last time I took a holiday... really, I genuinely can't. Oh to have money... what a glorious thing that would be (*cough* buy Utopia and A World Reborn *cough*).

I do have a week off coming up though in 1 1/2 weeks... why is that, I hear you ask? Well, exciting news! Older-Brother-Glyn and New-To-The-Family-Amy's wedding is finally here! (Click on the link for a video of the proposal). Yup, they are getting hitched and we are gaining a sister. Huzzah! I've not had one of those before! Can I just say that, after hearing the plans for this wedding, I am so freakin' excited about the whole thing. Let's just say that it isn't exactly going to be the most traditional of weddings. It is however, going to be immense and awesome and I can't wait... just as long as I can get into that bridesmaid dress... I'm not freakin' out about that at all... nope. Completely calm on the whole thing... excuse me, I appear to be in the throes of the beginning of a panic attack. Speak soon.

Peace out my lovelies.

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