Monday, 5 August 2013

A night of chatting with a famous person that was COMPLETELY wasted on me...

Myself, One-And-Only-Daniela and a few people from work decided that we would go out last Friday. We went to a pub in Stratford near where we work and sat and chatted...

My wonderful friend Laura had reserved an entire section of the pub that we had gone to, due to the fact that we were expecting a large amount of people from work. As it was, there was only about five of us for the majority of the night, although once the third drink was ordered in, we really forgot to care.

I was on duty as being the awkward 'person to hate' for the night as, due to not knowing who was going to turn up and being promised that others were "on their way," I had the joyous task of turning to the people jumping at a chance to sit in the 'standing room only' section of our local pub, and saying "sorry this place is reserved for our work colleagues." This was even more awkward as the night continued to roll on and very few additional people turned up, all making me look like I was the bitch who wanted four tables all to myself when we clearly only were enough people to fill one.

Anywho, all of this amounted to me starting to feel bad later on in the night and therefore allowing in a small group of people who had decided to sit at the far table in our section. We looked over, looked at each other with a resigned look and resorted to promise to chuck them out when more of us turned up.

This was fine. We thought nothing more of it until Laura and One-And-Only-Daniela, who happened to be positioned so that they were facing the small group of intruders, noticed that there seemed to be a few people who kept on coming up to this table and asking for their picture with one of the people they were with.

The next hour was taken up of trying to work out why this person seemed to be so popular with the majority of the rest of the pub... these were our conclusions:

1. The guy was famous
2. Not one of us had a CLUE who he was... seriously, he didn't even look slightly familiar.
3. Our conclusion? He must be a football player.

Due to the fact that none of us had a clue how to even begin to identify this man as we were all women who had very little interest in football, we resorted to taking a sneaky picture of him on our phone and sending it via text to Laura's brother for clarification purposes. We continued our conversations, ignoring the man who was getting more and more attention from the rest of the pub, until a text came through on Laura's phone, identifying him as David James, a man who had apparently been England's goal keeper for a VERY long time.

I feel I should add a little note in here for those of my readers who are reading from across the pond (AKA America), when I say football, I am, of course, referring to your Soccer. American Football is something that this country has never really gotten into, except when we watch any American teenage film/TV show ever and see them playing it there... Although this man was clearly unrecognisable to us being an English Football player, he would certainly have been unrecognisable to most people in the pub if he had indeed played American Football. So please feel free to go ahead and substitute the word Football for Soccer for clarity reasons in the remainder of this post...

Once we had identified him, the novelty of his fame quickly dissipated amongst us as we substituted our interest in him for conversation topics more relevant to us. 

It just so happened that, after I had returned from the bar at one point, I found myself standing by our table, talking to Laura. Suddenly a very tall man was looming over us and asking us if we wouldn't mind moving. We turned and saw it was David James. We smiled and moved to one side, he smiled said something I can't recall in a friendly manner and made his way to the toilets. We sat back down and I turned to Laura. 

"I need you to clarify something for me, Laura, as flirting is usually wasted on me due to having a completely clueless attitude towards it... However, did he just seem to go out of his way to talk to us? There was a large spot next to us he could have got round us... Everyone else who was rushing to see him, had."

Laura thought about this for a moment and then simply shrugged. 

"I didn't notice anything." She replied. 

We both shrugged and continued our drinks and conversations. Next thing I knew, someone had sat down on the sofa next to me and was introducing himself to us. I turned round and there was David James. 

I cannot stress how much this is apparently a big deal for every guy I know, however I had absolutely NO clue who the man was. None of us did. As such we sat and chatted to this guy for about four hours and, if he was used to people gushing over him and bigging him up, he did not receive that from us. 

I think, in the space of my conversation with him, I managed to argue with him, call him stupid, tell him that I didn't care he was a footballer as I had no clue who he was and straight out call him wrong in his views...

This may all seem like it was a disaster of a conversation but actually it was really interesting and he genuinely seemed like a nice guy. We also laughed and joked and all anger was in purely a "debate" setting. It was fun and, to me, it was no different to chatting to any other guy... Enough so, that I almost didnt blog about it. Although, I am assured that, although I have no interest in his celebrity-dom, it was still a massive deal so, for all those who saw a picture of me and him on my social network pages and wondered how the hell that happened... There you go. Now you know. 

To those who, like me, have absolutely no clue who this man is... Just disregard this post... I probably will. But perhaps a picture? Here he is. 

Peace out my lovelies. 

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