Friday, 8 February 2013

Friends are awesome.

There are some people in your life that no matter how much time you spend apart from them, when you meet up together, it's just like it always is. There is no awkwardness, no drifting apart, just the same awesome jokes and completely-guaranteed laughs as there always has been.

I have learnt that when I have been lucky enough to meet such a group of friends, it is so important to spend at least one night every other month with these people. Unfortunately I am unable to spend more than that with them as I no longer live anywhere near them, but I do make the effort because when I do... Man, the good times I have with them are so special.

Tonight I am spending such a night with them. These people include the lovely Jo-Jo who regularly sends me little "I saw this and thought of you" amazing tid bits in the mail every now again, these things have included:

1. A picture of Rupert Grint in a 'got milk?' poster.
2. A 2012 diary full of Edward Monkton goodies in March of last year.
3. The famous birthday card that led me to disclose my "eating friends" cannabalism secret to everyone.

She just simply rocks. And then you have I-Love-Him-So-Much-It-Hurts-Rich, whose name pretty much sums him up completely. Then there's of course the famous and regularly talked about One-And-Only-Daniela whom I had met at the same time as all of these lovely people.

There are so many others that I will be seeing tonight that I equally love but couldn't do it justice in just one small post.

I have my theories as to why it is that no amount of time could change the closeness of our friendship. The main one being that they simply are just fun and completely incapable of any kind of judgement ever. We are all kind of perfectly imperfect if you get what I mean. And we're all so open about it, knowing that this is such a safe forum to talk about it.

The reasons for this? This group of friends have all shared and been through a hell of a lot; illness, death, pain and grief that I can't even begin to think about. We had to share a very dark moment together and because of that, we will never be able to take for granted the concept of laughter and joy.

I think when you share such a moment it forms a mutual bond and understanding of... "You know what? Sometime's life just sucks, so let's enjoy the hell out of it whilst we can."

That may seem like some kind of depressing concept to hold but it isn't, it's so freeing. Suddenly everything is awesome and time is such a precious thing that needs to be enjoyed and lived and cherished.

So guys, there's a chance that you will receive some highly interesting tweets from me tonight. As such, I recommend to you follow/Unfollow me accordingly and I am going to go now and have an awesome night with people I quite simply love.

Peace out my lovelies.

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